Randomly found on Youtube…

First four minutes of this documentary about the well known Czech film music composer Zdeněk Liška show our studio, formerly named Fisyo (Film Symphony Orchestra), about twenty years back!

Old control room (nowadays an iso booth) was equipped with Neve 5116. The movie shows an EMMY awarded sound engineer Jiří Zobač assisted by Zdeněk Pekárek. Session is led by famous Czech conductor Štěpán Koníček, who conducted scores for movies like Mulholland Drive, The Ninth Gate, Lost Highway or The Portrait of a Lady. Needless to say that these scores were recorded here at Smecky.

You can see a fully functional 16/35mm film projection to the studio screen. The projector room, where all reel to reel tape machines were installed and operated, is now an office. But the window is still here. And screen too.

Enjoy the video and watch out. Maybe you will recognise some players known from our actual videos.

The documentary includes a simultaneous English translation.

As the video can’t be embedded so please follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsdtn9jjth4.

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